Important benefits – an overview

AU-PAIR-PLUS is a combination of travel medical insurance, accident insurance, private and professional liability insurance, and deportation costs insurance.

Health insurance
Outpatient medical treatment
Inpatient medical treatment including operations
Provision with medicine, dressing material, and medical appliances
Provision with remedies up to an amount of
€ 250*
Medically necessary rehabilitation measures (subsequent to a medical treatment)
Examination and treatment due to pregnancy and childbirth
Medically necessary transport of patients for purposes of inpatient treatment
Direct billings with physicians and hospitals
Medically necessary and prescribed return transport of an ill insured person from abroad to his/her home country
Noncontributory extension of insurance coverage up to 90 days if the stay must be extended for medical reasons
Repatriation of the mortal remains of the insured person or burial costs in case of death
Fees for treatment and cost plans
Alternative treatments (including homeopathy) by a resident physician
Dental treatment for pain relief (including root treatments and simple fillings if the teeth are worth preserving)
Simple repair of existing dentures up to 50% of actual cost, maximum reimbursement
€ 1000*
Simple dentures due to an accident up to an amount of
€ 2000*
Treatment of mental illness (also inpatient), except for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy
Pre-existing conditions under certain circumstances
Maximum rate of the German fee schedule GOÄ
Maximum rate of the German fee schedule GOZ
General excess per case
€ 0
Liability insurance
Personal and professional liability insurance for au pairs
€ 1,000,000
Bodily injuries of the host family's children caused by the au pair
€ 1,000,000
Property damage to host family's immovable property (deductible € 250)*
€ 1,000,000
Damage to rented property
€ 100,000
Accident insurance
Accidental death benefit
€ 5,000
Benefit in case of 100% accidental disability
€ 105,000
Disability benefit
€ 30,000
Progression (increase in the sum insured in proportion to the degree of disability)
Rescue costs
€ 3,000
Plastic surgery as a result of an accident
€ 3,000
Daily hospital benefits for the au pair, starting on the 10th day of an inpatient treatment which is the result of an accident. The maximum duration of payment is 90 days.
€ 10 per day
Deportation costs insurance
Noncontributory extended liability in case of an ordered deportation
€ 4,000
Monthly premium
€ 38

* during the entire insurance period

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